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Superfood Chocolate

Why settle for ordinary chocolate?! Zazubean's Superfood Dark Chocolate Bars are made with wholesome cacao and the added nutrition of powerful 100% certified organic ancient superfoods like Açai, Camu Camu, Maca, Yerba Maté and more!


Coconut Sugar Chocolate

We kicked classic sweeteners to the side and created a line of creamy, luscious Zazubean Bars that are bursting with flavour and made with the wholesome subtle sweetness of coconut blossom sugar! Paleo and keto friendly.


Limited Edition Chocolate

Don't miss out! Zazubean's Special Edition Chocolate Bars are only available during certain holidays throughout the year! They come in irresistible flavours like Mint Cocoa Nib & Coconut, Cranberry & Cocoa, Cherry & Hazelnut, and more! No better way to celebrate those special occasions!


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